Building Digital-Savvy Capabilities
About Eduplay
EduPlay was established by Eduspec Holdings Berhad, a public listed company that provides innovative ICT education across the Asia Pacific region, and Youth On Unity (Y.O.U.), an emergent non-profit organisation dedicated to the social, educational and physical development of young people.

EduPlay is designed as a platform to springboard innovative learning for school-going children. We aim to enhance kids’ knowledge by providing practical education that will help the kids thrive and think out-of-the-box in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

We collaborate with families and students to design a set of goals for the learner to address the student’s interests, recognise their passions, and build on their strengths. Your children will have first-hand tech-savvy education that is highly relevant, and there are not traditional grade levels.

This EduPlay initiative is supported by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

About Digital Campus
Digital Campus (DC) is a multi-tier initiative that comprises a plethora of activities such as education through digital, e-gaming and workshop. This is where creativity, entertainment and education intermingle to charge youths’ minds with innovative ideas and problem solving prowess.

DC is a great way to build the skills needed to succeed and more importantly, get ahead in this digital age. It is no longer an option to be digitally savvy, but an imperative skill to possess. With Digital Campus, learning is now fun and a great tool for building foundation in robotics, coding, and digital arts.


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